warm weather global fashion.

No matter how you show up to greet the warm weather and celebrate the long weekend make sure you FEEL GOOD and HAVE FUN!! This is a time to appreciate being with our friends and family and celebrating that time in style!!


The Bold and the BBQ.
Prints+Patterns are the ideal way to look stylish while you're chilling out and enjoying this long weekend.

TIP: How do you pull off a bold print or pattern? Make sure it's in a classic, simple silhouette and pair it with denim or any other solid colors...let that bold piece BE BOLD + SHINE! That way you keep your outfit looking fun + effortless!

Global fashion, which is style, designs and textures inspired from cultures all around the world are making a big splash in weekend + vacation wear this season!

TIP: There are 3 top ways to embrace this trend while also maximizing it's beauty:

* Accessories!! (Jewelry, bags, hats, shoes)

* Cover-ups. (Caftans, tunics, sheer "kimonos", oh my!) These light, oversized, sweeping pieces are the perfect canvas for worldy details! The perfect compliment? That's easy...jeans and a tee, a lovely dress or fabulous swimsuit depending on which style is right for you! Now. GO PLAY!

* Embroidered + Crocheting Accents. Many cultures use embroidery in many different ways and usually create + design it by hand...although we won't always be so lucky to find that unique of pieces all the time we can celebrate it in our way! Major ways we are seeing embroidery +crochet this season is on denim, blouses and dresses!

Kitschy Prints.
Pineapples, flamingos and Palm Trees top the list of this super fun + ageless trend! It's the quickest way to add a little punch to your wardrobe for weekend festivities in the most comfortable of items such as tanks, tees, shorts, accessories of all kinds and decor!

TIP: Go ahead pick a print any print and just ROCK IT!! It will make people smile and get you in the summer spirit!!