Robin was well worth the investment of time and money. She was practical and down
to earth, yet she nudged me out of my comfort zone (a.k.a. rut). She was also respectful of my time and budget. The best thing about working with Robin was that I felt she truly cared about how I looked and ultimately felt about myself. And the bonus was . . . she was incredibly fun to work with. Be prepared to laugh and smile a lot!
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(up to 5hrs.)

REINVENTING WHAT YOU ALREADY OWN!!! I’m talking a ton of new outfit combos with what is already in your closet! No new purchases necessary!

PHOTOS of new outfit combos on YOUR phone so you can refer back to them whenever you want! Picking your outfit from the comfort of your bed? Sounds good to me!

CREATING A CUSTOMIZED SHOPPING LIST for what you need to fill in for the future! This helps you stay focused when you go out into the big, bad world of shopping and in turn will significantly reduce your stress + anxiety.

ORGANIZING the crap out of everything so you REALLY KNOW what you’ve got to work with and for what part of your life!

REFRESHING your wardrobe. Making sure everything FITS like a million bucks, is current and fresh for the person you are RIGHT NOW!

PURGING everything that is no longer of use, that doesn’t fit, that just doesn’t feel good or just simply isn’t “you'“ anymore.

DONATING. (OH YES, I DO THAT PART FOR YOU TOO! ;) My favorite charity of choice is Helping Hands but I will donate or consign to whomever your prefer!




(up to 4hrs.)

After we have completed your Mini Closet Makeover and have our very specific + customized shopping list, that is when I will determine what type of shopping experience will be right for you! It will definitely be ONE of the following options:

IN-PERSON. I will pick up to 3 shops specifically based on your needs, lifestyle and overall taste! I always arrive 30-min before you and will have options already picked and ready for you to try on so not one minute is wasted on on the stress + anxiety of shuffling aimlessly through random racks!

ONLINE. With this option I will pick up to 4 online shops. I will customize these picks based on t’s all dependent on what you need, how fast you need it and if it’s a specialty item or not. Since I can’t literally pull items to put in a dressing room for you, I do it virtually by creating you a private personalized page on my website that will be available to shop for 30 days starting the day after I send you the link for your page!!

THE COMBO. This of course, is a split between the two above options! Depending on what your shopping list entails, where you commonly prefer to shop and where I think I can source the best items for you, is what will determine this choice!



For 90 DAYS after your second session you can text me pictures of outfits for advice or validation, ask random questions about style + wardrobe, get fitting room guidance, etc!



My VIP clients will be the first to know and have access to private fashion, style and shopping events, receive comp tix, be eligible for special swag, have your questions answered first online and much, much more!

NOTE: This service is customizable! We can always talk out and create a more customizable plan if what is listed above is not quite perfect for what you need!


  • PAYMENT PLANS. YAY! Please choose one of the payment options listed above in the drop down menu. The 1st payment will be made upon checkout. Each payment thereafter must be paid within 30 days of the payment that was made before. Good news: You may render your service of choice before payment installations are complete! Woo hoo! Bad news: If the other payments become past due there will be a $50/day late fee charged until payment + fees are made in full.

  • TIMELY TIME FRAME. The 2 sessions must be booked within 3 months of each other unless a different arrangement is agreed upon.

  • REFUNDS. This is a NON-REFUNDABLE service.

  • CANCELLATIONS + RESCHEDULING. I totally understand that “life happens” and that cancellations are a reality sometimes. Hence, why I don’t charge a fee for an initial cancellation as long as you reschedule at the same time. Unfortunately, any cancellations after that, regardless of rescheduling, I will need to charge a $50 rebooking fee each time.

  • EXPIRATION DATE. This service must be used within the year that it was bought. Gift certificates or personal purchases of this service during the holiday months (Nov/Dec) will be the ONLY EXCEPTION and will be eligible to be used starting Jan. 1st of the following year until Dec. 31st of that same following year.

  • NON-TRANSFERABLE. This service is non-transferable.