the everyday wonder woman.

Number one lesson Wonder Woman can teach us is Confidence with Style through a perfect combination of Boldness+Femininity! And, topping off your look with your SIGNATURE SUPER POWER PIECE will take you from ordinary to extraordinary!


Here are some things to consider when figuring out what your Super Power Piece is!

Where does your superpower lie?

It’s the type of piece or accessory that when you leave home you feel naked without it...your confidence is literally zapped as soon as you know that you don’t have it on...mine, for example, are my rings..
One...Two...Now, you can have more than one SPP it’s whatever you need to put on to feel invincible or at least that you can take on the day...

Same Piece Different Day.

Whether your SPP is the same piece everyday or a different one everyday within your accessories i.e. necklaces, earrings, rings, etc...if it just needs to be a necklace, great and it's okay that that necklace can change.
Pick your piece by how you’re feeling for the day...go with your instinct especially if you’re jewelry is stone-centered.

Challenge Yourself.

Dress around it or simply don’t worry about “matching” it all...that fact that it’s your cape or your “w” underneath it all means it goes with anything!

It's Your Day.

When you put on your SPP in the morning take a minute to think about what kind of day you want to have or what you want to achieve or accomplish and say it out loud to yourself....this puts intentional energy on your wardrobe and that is definitely a WW thing to do!

If you don’t have a SPP that’s ok...some people find their strength and power in a silhouette, color or even highlighting a certain body part they are proud of...whatever makes you stand a little taller and connect a little bit all that matters!

HAVE FUN...always!