stylish summer travel essentials.


A summer guide to traveling in style!


First, the TOP 5 necessities for summer travel no matter where you're headed! 

1.  Comfort

2.  Coverage+Protection

3.  Hydration

4.  Entertainment

5.  Function


Now, a breakdown of the TOP MUST-HAVE ESSENTIALS you can bring to be prepared AND stay stylish all at the same time!


This is #1 essential of course! It should be big enough to hold everything but also easy to carry...the comfort of knowing everything is one place will allow you to fully relax and have a stress-free vacay!


This is a great item to show off your personality! Get a towel that you are really attracted to the print, saying, color whatever it may requires no sizing just make sure it's big enough for you, maybe someone else or a doggie to fit on! ;)


Now, shoes are key and should be chosen based on where you are traveling to for sure! If you know you will be walking around then support + function will need to be highly considered. But, if you know you're going to be sitting poolside then a cool pair of flip-flops or slides will be perfect! Just choose wisely but allow yourself to still have fun with the style you pick!


Protecting your skin and keeping it healthy is THE most stylish thing you can do for yourself. Now, we all know the typical, big chain sunscreen companies with not-so-pretty bottles but my suggestion is to try some very attractive, smaller brands that just so happen to be organic instead...that way you can stay covered while looking stylish all day long!


Along with sunscreen another great way to keep your skin protected is a super cool cover-up! Now, cover-ups are like towels, you can show A LOT of personality in them.  They should be size-less, oversized or a least a bit loose.  This is a garment that is purely to be thrown on over a swimsuit or at least be worn loose enough to not irritate your skin.

It's main purpose is to simply protect you...but it's second purpose is to allow you to feel fashionable too! Just because something is oversized doesn't mean it has to be dumpy...especially in the summer time!


These two are major players in the protection + style game alike!  You have a lot of freedom of what you choose with hats + sunglasses and it should be a self expression for sure! But, it should also reflect where you're traveling...(i.e. big hat, big glasses always works in the islands, on a cruise or poolside)

TIP: For sunglasses, make sure they really sit on your face well and they are not too loose or too tight!  As for choosing a hat, make sure it also fits on your head well and gives you your face full coverage! Bonus points if you can coordinate the two in any way that's always a plus to keep things ultra cool!