Personal Shopping.



Personal Shopping should be just that...PERSONAL!

I pride myself on giving you a customized experience based on your taste, needs + budget.

Whether it be for a specific event, transitioning into a new + approved phase of your life and need a wardrobe upgrade or you just need a refresher with your current personal style for the upcoming season; you will receive a VIP experience every time you book with me!  After all this an investment in yourself and you should feel special every step of the way!

What can you expect from your experience no matter what you choose?

1. I will always connect with you first and create a specific shopping LIST.

2. I will create a curated LIST OF SHOPS that will be ideal for your specific needs.

3. I will make sure you find the pieces you are looking for and make absolutely sure you HAVE FUN while doing it!!

4. I will make sure you FEEL CONFIDENT not just in wearing your new pieces but also in implementing them into your closet.

Can't wait to get started!

Here are some shopping options to choose from:

Hate to go to the store and shop? or perhaps you live far, far away? Don't worry I got you covered!

Let me do the work for you ONLINE!

Are you someone who likes to try things on before you buy it?  

Perfect, Let's go shopping IN-STORE!!

Do you feel you need a little of both? No problem! 

I will create a fabulous combo of IN-STORE + ONLINE shopping to ultimately broaden your possibilities of finding those perfect pieces.

Robin Allen. style.
Robin Allen. style.