I started working with Robin over a year ago and through her expertise + support I was able to transform from a woman who didn’t really love or feel good in most of her clothes to a confident business owner + mother! She was able to push me to be the best version of myself and take my life up a notch! As soon as I started dressing + shopping in a way that was more aligned with who I was and where I wanted to go, doors started to open with my career and relationships!

I highly recommend Robin to anyone ready to step into who they really are and create some major transformations in their lives. I am forever grateful!
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  • IN-PERSON. I will pick up to 3 shops specifically based on your needs, lifestyle and overall taste! I always arrive 30-min before you and will have options already picked and ready for you to try on so not one minute is wasted on on the stress + anxiety of shuffling aimlessly through random racks!

  • ONLINE. With this option I will pick up to 4 online shops. I will customize these picks based on t’s all dependent on what you need, how fast you need it and if it’s a specialty item or not. Since I can’t literally pull items to put in a dressing room for you, I do it virtually by creating you a private personalized page on my website that will be available to shop for 30 days starting the day after I send you the link for your page!!

  • THE COMBO. This of course, is a split between the two above options! Depending on what your shopping list entails, where you commonly prefer to shop and where I think I can source the best items for you, is what will determine this choice!



For 30 DAYS after our session you can text me pictures of outfits for advice or validation, ask random questions about style + wardrobe, get fitting room guidance, etc!

***This is just a shopping service.***

BUT, if you would like a home visit to help integrate your new items into your wardrobe OR perhaps go through your wardrobe at home FIRST…then we recommend the VIP STYLE DAY or a Monthly Style Subscription!


  • PAYMENT PLANS. YAY! Please choose one of the payment options listed above in the drop down menu. The 1st payment will be made upon checkout. Each payment thereafter must be paid within 30 days of the payment that was made before. Good news: You may render your service of choice before payment installations are complete! Woo hoo! Bad news: If the other payments become past due there will be a $50/day late fee charged until payment + fees are made in full.

  • REFUNDS. This is a NON-REFUNDABLE service.

  • CANCELLATIONS + RESCHEDULING. I totally understand that “life happens” and that cancellations are a reality sometimes. Hence, why I don’t charge a fee for an initial cancellation as long as you reschedule at the same time. Unfortunately, any cancellations after that, regardless of rescheduling, I will need to charge a $50 rebooking fee each time.

  • EXPIRATION DATE. This service must be used within the year that it was bought. Gift certificates or personal purchases of this service during the holiday months (Nov/Dec) will be the ONLY EXCEPTION and will be eligible to be used starting Jan. 1st of the following year until Dec. 31st of that same following year.

  • NON-TRANSFERABLE. This service is non-transferable.