dynamic denim for the fall.

Denim is front and center for this Fall season and not just represented in the classic jeans but in all types of silhouettes! Tune in and see what style best suits you and how good ol' denim can make your wardrobe dynamite!



Going monochromatic is super on trend this season and can be very striking if done right. When it comes to denim you can either do an entire outfit like a romper! Or, if you are wearing separates just go with the monochromatic vibe on top with a denim button down shirt paired with a classically cut denim jacket. Now, when it comes to shades matching, it’s a good idea to make sure they are at least one shade different. Pair with dark velveteen or black denim pants on the bottom, cute tennies or bootie boots and consider yourself “chic” for the rest of the day!


Now, although, a classic Levi’s jacket is always a great staple to have in your closet, it is also great to have some denim in some modern silhouettes as well! Perfect examples of these are oversized lightweight coats, sleek, more fitted jackets with zip-up front, wide-legged rompers and always sophisticated pencil skirts.


Taking our “spring/summer” denim pieces and layering them into is the perfect way to extend their wear into Fall. If your denim piece has skinnier straps or is sleeveless, just add a turtleneck, printed long sleeve blouse or a simple tee underneath and you’re set! Now, if it’s a skinny jean or leggings perhaps throw a long beautiful oversized knit sweater tunic over them, put on a tall or ankle boot and you’re ready to go!


Denim is always known to be casual and an “go-to” staple for comfort. The comfort part doesn’t need to be compromised but the casual part can turn into classy in a matter of no time! Just make sure the piece is well made, has nice structure and is in a classic dark wash. Add some bling and a nice heel or wedge and proceed to knock’s dead!


We want to denim to not only always look effortless but truly be effortless. The best way to achieve that is to go with the classics. These are pieces that should be considered part of your core collection and are so diverse you can literally go anywhere with them…if styled right! They are a denim jacket that hits your natural waist, a well fit pair of dark denim, a denim pencil skirt and a denim button down shirt. Preferably lighter weight.

Ok, you’re good to go…you’ve officially up'd your denim game and can finish Fall with a bang!!